1/11 - 1/15

Puzzle Map of Europe



Animals from Europe

Animal Skeletons

Which One is Different?

The pumpkin seeds are growing from our rotting pumpkins.

Winter Counting

Things You Find in the Winter

Types of Weather

Water Cycle

Bead Stair

1-5 Short Chains

Golden Bead Addition

Animal Skins

Diurnal and Nocturnal Animals

Object to Beginning Sound

Using a Screwdriver

Sharpening a Pencil

This week Ms. Lisa showed us how to create snowflakes.

1/5 - 1/8

Our continent study for this month is Europe. In the coming weeks we will take a closer look at the different countries in Europe, seasons, and weather.

Living and Non-Living of Europe

Plant and Animal of Europe

Weather Wheel

Types of Weather

Air/Land/Water Vehicles

Diurnal and Nocturnal Animals

Cards and Counters

Missing Number

Addition with Golden Beads

Addition Strip Board

Using a Screwdriver


Polishing Glass and Silver

Snowman Matching

Which One is Different?

Word to Picture

Word Building

Word Families

Sentence to Picture

Push Pinning

Sight Words

Painting a Snowman Scene